Regular Maintenance for Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower MaintenanceYour home’s cooling tower is at the heart of the mechanical system. In order for a cooling tower to run successfully, it requires routine maintenance. Otherwise, you may run into expensive problems down the line. The following tips will ensure your cooling tower is in ship-shape condition all year round.

Routine Water Treatment

Thorough monthly water treatments are essential for your cooling tower to run effectively. If the water quality is low due to neglect, it can create issues within the entire system. This can result in scaling and sludge in the condensers and pipes. If you want to enlist the help of professionals who have expertise in the water treatment of a cooling tower, Guardian Services can help.

Maintain the Motor

If not maintained properly, the motor within your cooling tower can break down, causing the entire system to fail. Cooling tower motors are extremely heavy, which means that getting a new one to the cooling tower can be a difficult task. In order to maintain the motor, you should have a professional complete the following frequently:

  • Inspects and cleans starter coils
  • Tightens all connections including electrical
  • Measures operating current and voltages, ensuring they aren’t exceeding the recommended guidelines
  • Checks for worn-out bearings and fan blades that are out of balance
  • Lubricates bearings when required


Additionally, the fan within the cooling tower must be checked regularly. A professional will check blades and clean any dirt accumulation as well as lubricate the bearings and check for wear and tear.

Speak to Guardian Services

If you are concerned that your cooling tower has a problem you cannot fix, simply pick up the phone and get in touch with us here at Guardian Services. Dial 214-637-1520 to speak to an expertly trained professional today.

How Do I Know if My Kitchen Extract System Needs Cleaning?

Kitchen Extractor FanIf you use your kitchen regularly, either at home or for work, you should know how your extract system works. An exhaust extractor hood is a built-in device that contains a mechanical fan. This hangs over and above the stove or cooking area in the kitchen. The extractor hood removes airborne grease, fumes, smoke, strong odors, heat, and steam through evacuation and filtration of the air.

Professional Extractor Hood Cleaning

You can only do so much cleaning in order to maintain your extractor hood for daily use. In catering and hospitality settings, kitchen staff will be cleaning the kitchen hood on a regular basis (usually daily), but the larger the extractor hood, the higher the chance that it will need to be cleaned by professionals. This will involve an in-depth clean and extra ductwork care.

Of course, the level and requirements surrounding extractor hood cleaning all come down to how many hours it’s used a day and the level of use within these hours. However, with this in mind, all kitchen extract systems do require cleaning at least once a year. Sometimes it should be cleaned more often due to the continuous use. Especially for fast food establishments, grease-contaminated extract systems may require a more frequent deep clean to remove any risk of fires or long-term damage.

Contact Guardian Services

To discuss the cleaning of your company’s extract system, simply pick up the phone and call us at 214-637-1520. Our professional services are always carried out by trained and qualified professionals.


Guardian Services for Your Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning

The key to preventing kitchen fires is to have a grease-free kitchen exhaust system. That’s the reason we suggest regularly scheduled commercial kitchen hood cleaning to our customers. Regardless of whether you run a catering truck, hospital kitchen, school kitchen or a restaurant, you need to be sure that your employees are working in a safe and clean environment.

Benefits of kitchen hood cleaning:
Regular, professional cleaning of your commercial kitchen exhaust system is an investment in fire prevention and a fully functioning business environment. In other words, commercial kitchen hood cleaning benefits your business:

  • Increases the air quality of your kitchen and prevents employees from getting sick.
  • Improves the public image of your kitchen. Cleanliness builds trust in your employees and customers.
  • Increases the operational efficiency of your kitchen, saving you money on energy bills
  • Keeps your business in compliance with local and national fire health codes. If violated, these codes are costly to your business.
  • Reduces the chance of kitchen fires.

The Guardian Services Guarantee promises that all services we perform will fulfill the requirements of local and municipal regulations; if they don’t, we take responsibility for penalties or fines levied by officials.

Additional Services by Guardian Services – Free of Cost

  • Photo documentation of the services performed – before and after photos.
  • Guardian Services inspects the entire site before and after for performance including all fans, make-up and exhaust
  • Air balance testing is done
  • Our technicians recommend an exhaust system plan for ongoing maintenance at appropriate intervals

Guardian Services guarantees the professionalism of our services. To get a free survey today, visit us online

Industrial HVAC Duct System Cleaning by Guardian Services

Industrial HVAC Duct System Cleaning

Debris, dust, and dirt are common to industrial HVAC systems. Once deposited into the system, the functional efficiency of the HVAC system can be disrupted, potentially affecting the entire operational environment.

Professional, comprehensive cleaning of your HVAC system creates a better functioning work environment with enhanced air flow, healthier air flow, and a longer lifespan for your HVAC system.

With decades of experience, the team at Guardian Services of Dallas for industrial HVAC duct system cleaning guarantees that our services improve the safety, functionality and efficiency of your business operation. Our comprehensive cleaning approach includes:

  • Drain pans
  • Registers and diffusers
  • Fans and fan housings
  • Supply, return and exhaust air ducts
  • VAVs and other midstream distribution devices
  • Air Handling Units (AHUs), including heating and cooling coils

We perform industrial HVAC duct system cleaning with vacuum units, high-pressure washing, brushes, compressed air and other advanced technology – and we support our services with three pillars:

  • Video inspection
  • Before-and-after pictures
  • Before-and-after on site inspection to confirm a professional and thorough cleaning
  • Comprehensive guarantee of service quality for 1 full year

We also make sure that we keep the AC system at a negative pressure while cleaning as this prevents the cross pollution of the system and the circulation of dirty air in the room.

If you are considering industrial HVAC duct system cleaning, contact Guardian Services today. Our process starts with a free onsite survey.

Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Dallas: Restaurant Owners, Are You Hearing This?

Picture of fully equipped professional kitchen in bright light

In commercial kitchens, the exhaust hood system plays a vital role in keeping a restaurant free of heat, smoke and odor. Kitchen hood ventilation systems exist for the security and health of both employees and guests. However, grease accumulation in the hood and ductwork can prove to be challenging due to the risk that it could bring. Not to scare you, but grease and grime can lead to fire or food contamination.

Many business owners and managers know firsthand the consequences of not keeping your exhaust system and ductwork clean. At Guardian Services, we recommend regular ongoing cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen vent a hood system. The frequency of the hood cleaning varies based on your system. Generally speaking, there is monthly, quarterly and semi-annual and annual cleaning.

Monthly – If your exhaust system is used for solid fuel cooking
Quarterly – If you exhaust system is used in a high-volume or intensity operation like a 24 hour restaurant or charbroiling
Semi-annually – If your exhaust systems is used for moderate or infrequent cooking
Annually – If your exhaust systems is used for low-volume cooking operations such as camps or church kitchens

If you need professional hood cleaning in Dallas, then the professionals at Guardian Services are here to assist you. Here are just a few of the reasons we can guarantee the highest quality professional cleaning services in Dallas:

  • We are the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) Annual Safety Award Winner for the last 5 years
  • Our services have received multiple accolades for customer satisfaction
  • We deliver around-the-clock emergency response services
  • Our services are based on best practices and ethics established by local municipal regulations
  • We provide before and after photo documentation of the site
  • After the entire cleaning process is complete, we inspect your exhaust system
  • We conduct a thorough on-site survey before we recommend a solution or provide you with any cost estimates
  • Exceptional customer service from start to finish

Our process starts with a thorough onsite evaluation of your system and then proscribes the best cleaning service and frequency of cleaning needed to maintain your business and void costly fire and safety hazards. Contact us today for your free survey evaluation of your exhaust hood cleaning in Dallas.

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