Convenience and Fuel HVAC Cleaning

Project Completed 1/12/12

A major brand fuel and convenience store was having issues with dust and debris blowing from their HVAC system. Guardian Technicians provided quick response full system cleaning which removed a substantial amount of debris from the HVAC system. The debris issue is now resolved and our customer can focus on serving its customers.

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Private School Commercial HVAC System Cleaning

Project Completed 1/23/2012

A prestigious Dallas private school engaged Guardian Services to insure that it’s faculty and students were being provided with the highest quality indoor air possible. Based on a thorough on-site inspection, our project manager Chris Jones ASCS determined that a full system cleaning would deliver the desired air quality. Guardian Technicians provided professional cleaning services AFTER HOURS at no added cost to the school, which insured that there was no disruption to the teaching schedule.

PDF Photo Report

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