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Industrial Exhaust Duct Cleaning In Dallas

Personalized Cleaning Services For Industrial Clients

Cleaning industrial exhaust duct is required to remove accumulated buildup in the system from the operating process equipment it supports. Guardian Services takes a custom approach to the industrial clients we service by evaluating and creating a custom plan for each facility. Our project managers have years of experience creating service plans in a variety of manufacturing and industrial facilities. All members of our staff are OSHA trained and compliant. Safety is a top priority when providing services to our clients and we are happy to have been awarded the NADCA safety award five years in a row.

Call (214) 760-6776 to learn more about our industrial exhaust duct cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth, Addison, or Richardson. Free, no-obligation estimates are available.

We Work On Your Time Frame

Our industrial duct cleaning technicians at Guardian Services work 24/7 shifts Monday through Friday to provide maximum service time flexibility to our clients. This means that work performed after business hours is not overtime. Also, we have eight crews of trained and experienced technicians able to service a project, which gives us the ability to complete large complex jobs in less time.

Our Proven Cleaning Processes

At Guardian Services, our exhaust duct cleaning uses techniques prescribed by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association. This proven process not only removes surface dust, dirt, or debris but it also identifies the source of the contaminants to better address them. Our Dallas industrical duct cleaning experts thoroughly clean every mechanical component of your exhaust duct while making sure there is no damage to the equipment.

Pneumatic Cleaning

As one of our most trusted effective cleaning methods at Guardian Services, Pneumatic Cleaning ensures lasting results for exhaust duct cleaning in Dallas. Pneumatic Cleaning uses agitation devices including air whips and brushes to remove contaminants. This is then followed by a thorough vacuuming using HEPA filters to easily collect and eliminate contaminants.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting consists of accelerating solid particles of CO2 to supersonic speeds in the nozzle and directing them onto a solid surface, which gives them high-kinetic energy. Dry ice has a temperature of -109°F; therefore, it rapidly cools the surface and the contaminant embrittles due to the temperature drop. As the dry ice medium impacts the surface, it expands rapidly, and this shock breaks the surface tension of the debris and contaminant. Our Dallas industrial duct cleaning technicians deliver the dry ice blasting by inserting a motorized self-propelled robot which directs the dry ice to the interior duct surfaces through a focused nozzle. The robot is controlled by a technician and guided with live video. All dislodged debris is collected using HEPA-filtered negative air machines.

Our Survey & Quote Process Industrial Exhaust Duct Cleaning

When you reach out to Guardian Services, we can immediately schedule an on-site survey where we provide you with a free estimate of our cleaning service. With over 30 years of combined experience in system cleaning, our senior supervisors will ensure a detailed observation and testing of your exhaust duct cleaning.

Some Things To Expect During Our On-Site Survey:

  • Photo documentation of the survey
  • Safe, efficient transportation of the collected information
  • A detailed report of our findings, recommended services, time frame, materials, and pricing

We will also give you a copy of the photos we took during the on-site survey as well as all other important information to help you make the best decision possible.

Approach & Project Management

Once we agreed on the best cleaning method and all other details, our Dallas and Fort Worth industrial exhaust duct specialists will properly prepare your building to protect all occupants and equipment.

Prior To Starting Our Work, We Will:

  • Cover all vulnerable surfaces using a protective plastic sheeting
  • Reseal all access points as per code
  • Check the system performance
  • Take photos of the entire process to document the before and after condition of the system
  • Make sure all areas are properly serviced
  • Remove all protective covers

Guardian Services may also perform additional cleanliness testing where required. In case you need to see your documentation, scheduling, or photos at any time, our company will give you access to our customer service portal 24/7.

Get started with a free, no-obligation estimate. Call (214) 760-6776 and ask about our industrial exhaust cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth or nearby!

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