Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Since 1945, Guardian Services has been providing superior quality maintenance and repair for commercial kitchen systems in the Dallas area and nearby. Our team of trained technicians performs expert grease trap cleaning services for your commercial restaurant or kitchen. Request a quote online or call us today at (214) 637-1520.

Why Clean Your Commercial Grease Trap?

Commercial grease traps, while necessary for restaurants to properly dispose of oil, fat, and grease, must be cleaned out regularly. Grease, food waste, and other residue left in the grease trap for too long can pose a serious safety risk for both employees and customers. Scheduling regular commercial grease trap cleaning services will not only improve the safety of your commercial kitchen, but also extend the life of the grease trap equipment.

When not serviced consistently, a contaminated grease trap can cause:

  • Rotting smells to travel back into the restaurant.
  • Obstruction to the flow of wastewater.
  • Sewage to back up into the pipes.
  • High risk of a restaurant fire.

Our Proven Grease Trap Cleaning Process

Guardian Services is proud to partner with TAS Environmental Services for complete grease trap pumping and cleaning. We take advantage of their proven grease trap cleaning process, that uses industry-leading techniques to deliver immaculate results. With their highly-trained two-man crews and industrial vacuum trucks designed to maximize suction, TAS will thoroughly pressure wash and sanitize your grease trap, right down to the concrete.

Complete Kitchen
Maintenance Provider

At Guardian Services, we understand that even a minute down in the kitchen is money straight out of your pocket. This is why we work with exceptional partners like TAS Environmental Services to provide minimal downtime with a speedy, efficient response. Choose our team for all of your commercial kitchen repairs and maintenance:

Trust the Professionals at Guardian Services

As the leading grease trap cleaning company in Dallas and North Texas, we are ready and available to provide you with a scrubbed, sanitized, and residue-free grease trap for your restaurant or commercial kitchen. We proudly serve clients throughout the Dallas area including Addison, Richardson, Frisco, and all nearby communities. Request a quote online or call our office at (214) 637-1520 for our specialized commercial cleaning services such as HVAC duct and system cleaning, cooling tower cleaning, and industrial exhaust duct cleaning.

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