Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

If you need your commercial restaurant equipment professionally cleaned and sanitized, call in the experts from Guardian Services. Choose us for cleaning kitchen hoods, scrubbing charbroilers and grills, sanitizing baking equipment, and so much more. Contact us at (214) 637-1520 to request a quote today.

Keep Your Kitchen in Top-Notch Condition

A minute down in the kitchen due to equipment laden with grease and grime can lead to slow service, unhappy customers, and the eventual loss of profit. Don’t allow this to happen in your commercial kitchen! With our restaurant equipment cleaning services, our certified technicians are more than qualified to clean a multitude of professional kitchen equipment, including:

  • Ranges, Ovens, and Cooktops
  • Kitchen and Vent Hoods
  • Deep Fryers and Griddles
  • Charbroilers and Grills
  • Warming and Holding Equipment
  • Dish and Glass Racks
  • Commercial Mixers and Baking Equipment
  • Microwaves, Dishwashers, and Garbage Disposals
  • Refrigerators, Freezers, and Wine Coolers
  • And More!

Our Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning Process

If you don’t have the resources or time to deep clean the equipment in your commercial kitchen, or you want to avoid health code violations, call Guardian for our professional commercial kitchen cleaning services. As one of the only companies in Dallas-Fort Worth that clean kitchen hoods and other equipment, we will make your kitchen shine once again!

  • Use innovative equipment and a custom blend of proprietary cleaning products to deep clean your kitchen.
  • Steam-clean the kitchen to get into tiny nooks and cracks, unlike traditional restaurant equipment cleaning.
  • Remove years of collected grease and bring your kitchen and equipment back to their like-new condition.
  • Clean and sanitize all stainless-steel countertops and walls.

It’s A Dirty Job, Let Us Clean It Up

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Choose Us for All Your Commercial Needs

We understand that many commercial businesses and organizations have a multitude of cleaning and maintenance needs. This is why we serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area with a wide range of services, including:

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When you need a reliable company for cleaning kitchen hoods, sanitizing counters and walls, or bringing life back into that commercial mixer, request a quote from Guardian Services by calling (214) 637-1520. Located in Dallas, TX, we serve all surrounding areas including Addison, Garland, Allen, and Wylie with our kitchen cleaning, carpet and floor cleaning and maintenance, cooling tower cleaning, and many residential services.

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