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WoolGuard Hood Filters in Dallas

Guardian Services Is the WoolGuard Hood FilterExclusive Vendor Of Smarter, Greener & Cleaner Kitchen Solutions

WoolGuard manufactures 100% wool hood filter inserts that capture 98% of airborne grease before it causes a potentially dangerous mess in your kitchen. WoolGuard is an innovative and efficient solution to your grease issues and offer a number of beneficial features for your commercial or industrial kitchen.

If you are tired of the frequent deep cleanings required with traditional baffle style filters or if you are interested in how our Dallas exhaust cleaning specialists can offer you a better alternative, contact Guardian Services. We serve Dallas Fort Worth, Addison, Richardson, and the surrounding areas.

The WoolGuard Difference

Airborne grease is common in commercial kitchens, especially in ducts and hoods. This can create a potential fire hazard, not to mention the fact that it requires heavy-duty cleaning to get rid of. The 100% wool filters from WoolGuard use tightly woven fibers that capture grease while still allowing airflow, resulting in far less grease sticking inside the ducts and exhaust.

WoolGuard Users Also Benefit From:

  • Less money wasted on frequent hood cleanings
  • A greatly lowered risk of fire
  • Less water waste and fewer chemicals used in cleanings
  • Increased hood efficiency

With WoolGuard, your exhaust system stays clean and safe for much longer. In addition, it is a greener alternative as wool naturally breaks down and is carbon-neutral. This, combined with the decrease in chemicals and reduced water usage from 50-75% less cleanings, means you can rest easier knowing you have chosen a solution that is great for the environment and great for your kitchen.

Wool Guard Hood Filter Benefits

An Affordable Alternative For Commercial Kitchens

WoolGuard hood filters are designed to be effective and efficient, saving you and your staff time and money while helping to keep your kitchen running smoothly. WoolGuard filters stay cleaner longer, pass even the strictest safety regulations, and are incredibly low maintenance. In fact, fire departments across the country are installing WoolGuard in their station’s kitchens to reduce costs and increase safety.

Wool Guard Filter

Our Dallas Fort Worth exhaust cleaning experts at Guardian Services are WoolGuard exclusive vendors. Call (214) 760-6776 to learn more how WoolGuard can help maintain cleaner hoods and safer ducts in your kitchen.

WoolGuard Filters Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

Make life easier on yourself, your employees, budget and the environment with WoolGuard Filters.