HVAC Duct & Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Wylie, TX

If you run a business with a kitchen, you more than likely know full well how important it is that you keep your kitchen’s exhaust vent clean and free from grease buildup. Grease stuck in an exhaust vent is an extreme fire hazard—one spark can cause the fats and oils to ignite, resulting in fires that can cause tremendous property damage, injuries, and many other catastrophic consequences you should never have to deal with. At Guardian Services, we understand this risk, and we want to help you deal with it quickly and effectively so you can continue with business as usual. Call Guardian Services at (214) 637-1520 today to request a quote from our team of experienced professionals.

Our Specialized Services

At Guardian Services, we tailor our services to exactly what our customers need, and make sure they get the specialty cleaning services that ensure they remain safe and problem free. We use specialized tools and modern techniques to ensure the job is done right because we know that you simply have no room for error. Whether it’s scrubbing out the exhaust vent in your commercial kitchen, cleaning fume hoods to remove layers of grease and oil buildup, or cleaning out exhaust and laundry duct vents to remove lint and other debris which can cause clogs, we make sure the job is done right and hold ourselves to high standards for your complete satisfaction. Make sure you turn to the team you can trust for quality duct and vent cleaning in Wylie!

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Specialty Cleaning Services Done With Care

Guardian Services handles the difficult cleaning jobs that many other commercial cleaning companies either don’t handle or don’t have the tools and training to get done right. We get into the small spaces and up into the difficult areas to ensure your business is truly clean and that any risks for fire or other problems are abated to the best of our ability. When there’s no room for error, make sure you’re turning to the team which has been trusted by business customers of all types for years.

We offer the following cleaning services:

  • Cooling tower cleaning
  • Commercial HVAC duct cleaning
  • Industrial exhaust duct cleaning
  • Kitchen exhaust cleaning
  • WoolGuard Hood Filters

It’s A Dirty Job, Let Us Clean It Up

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How Often Should I Have My Kitchen Exhaust Cleaned?

A kitchen exhaust cleaning is a big job, and as such it’s not something that you should generally have to do all that often. Depending on how often you use your kitchen, how frequently you clean it, and how much oil and grease you’re working with while cooking, we generally advise having a cleaning done every three to six months.

However, you can prolong the amount of time between cleanings with the use of a WoolGuard hood filter. A hood filter traps and hangs on to a lot of the grease and grime which would otherwise accumulate in your exhaust vent when it’s in vapor form. This keeps your kitchen’s exhaust vent cleaner and safer. Plus, replacing the filter is a breeze when the time comes to swap it out! Learn more about installing a WoolGuard filter or request a quote by calling (214) 637-1520 today. We serve clients in Wylie, Allen, Plano, and surrounding areas.

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