Industrial Duct & System Cleaning

Cleaning industrial exhaust duct is required to remove accumulated buildup in the system from the operating process equipment it supports. Guardian Services takes a custom approach to the industrial clients we service by evaluating and creating a custom plan for each facility. Our project managers have years of experience creating service plans in a variety of manufacturing and industrial facilities. All Guardian staff are OSHA trained and compliant. Safety is a top priority when providing services to our clients and are happy to have been awarded the NADCA safety award five years in a row. 

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We Work in Your Time Frame

 Guardian technicians work 24/7 shifts Monday through Friday to provide maximum service time flexibility to our clients. This means that work performed after business hours IS NOT OVERTIME. Also, we have eight crews of trained and experienced technicians able to service a project, which gives us the ability to complete large complex projects in less time. 


 Our Survey and Quote Process

We start each quote request with a thorough on site survey of the equipment requiring service. Our senior field supervisors have over 30 years combined experience in system cleaning and will photo document what they find during the course of the survey. The information collected during the survey will be brought back to the office and formatted into a comprehensive quote detailing our findings, recommended services, service time frame and materials, and pricing. The survey photos will also be included with the quote to insure that you have the most detailed information possible to make a decision regarding the service of your systems. A sample survey photo report can be found here.


Cleaning Processes

Guardian uses the National Air Duct Cleaning Association’s prescribed cleaning techniques to perform a total HVAC system clean. This includes using “source removal” methods to manually clean the air conditioning unit housing (indoor and outdoor), all ductwork, fans, coils, drip pans, grills and diffusers. We offer pneumatic and the newest cleaning method, Dry Ice Blasting. Both methods are proven to deliver consistent, high quality removal of system contaminants and debris without damage to mechanical components.

Pneumatic Cleaning  

Our technicians access the system through code compliant access points and use agitation devices such as air whips and brushes to remove contaminants. We then use HEPA-filtered vacuums with direct contact to the duct to collect and remove contaminants.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting consist of accelerating solid particles of CO2 to supersonic speeds in the nozzle and directing them onto a solid surface, which gives them high kinetic energy. Dry ice has a temperature of -109°F; therefore it rapidly cools the surface and the contaminant embrittles due to the temperature drop. As the Dry Ice medium impacts the surface, it expands rapidly and this shock breaks the surface tension of the debris and contaminant. Our technicians deliver the dry ice blasting by inserting a motorized self-propelled robot which directs the dry ice to the interior duct surfaces through a focused nozzle.  The robot is controlled by a Technician and guided with live video. All dislodged debris is collected using HEPA filtered negative air machines. 



Dry ice blasting equipment and expertise is provided through our international partnership with Alkion Service of the Czech Republic. Alkion is a leading provider of HVAC cleaning services in Europe and has joined with Guardian Services to deliver advanced cleaning to US customers.

HVAC system cleaning equipment - Guardian Services


Approach and Project Management

Guardian’s cleaning process begins with a system assessment to determine the best cleaning methods to use in order to protect the building occupants and equipment. Protective plastic sheeting is used to cover all vulnerable surfaces. All access points are re-sealed, per code, the system’s performance is checked and our technicians remove all the protective covers. Photo documentation is provided for all projects to document the before and after condition of the system and ensure all areas are properly serviced. Additional cleanliness testing can be performed where required. All Guardian customers will be given access to our customer portal system. The portal is open 24/7 for customers to access their documentation, scheduling, and photos. 

Portal Sample Screen Capture

A sample customer from Guardian’s Portal System 


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