Benefits From a Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

You check the calendar and see that it’s time for yet another fire code inspection — which means it’s time to schedule a kitchen exhaust system cleaning. Oh, joy.

If you manage or own a commercial kitchen, you know that these are just the things you have to do as a part of your job. You pass inspection and keep your doors open. But there are more benefits to gain from a kitchen exhaust system cleaning than you may think.

Keeping an orderly, clean and safe commercial kitchen shows your customers and employees that you mean business when it comes to full service. You care about the quality of the meal and the health of your customers and employees.

Besides keeping up to code, here are the benefits you may not have thought about gaining when it comes to scheduling a kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

Fire Prevention  

Food on FIre Grease buildup can quickly start a fire. Obviously, you don’t want a fire in your kitchen’s ventilation system. When left dirty, the grease vapor from cooking collects in the ductwork and exhaust hood. With high temperatures, the buildup can ignite and cause a fire to spread through the ventilation system. Remove the grease, and you remove the source of a fire hazard.

Sure, you empty grease containers frequently, and all employees are trained on proper wipe down and disposal techniques. However, scheduling a kitchen exhaust system cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for a commercial kitchen health and fire hazard inspection. It keeps everyone safe and the doors to your business open.

Guardian Services also offers WoolGuard Hood Filters, which capture 98% of grease in the system before it builds up in the ducts, preventing fire from destroying what you worked hard to build.

Better Air Flow

Wonder why your electric bill has gotten so high over the years? Look to your equipment. When not well-maintained, the equipment has to work harder to get the job done which uses more electricity.

When you have a kitchen exhaust system cleaning, the grease is gone, and better airflow makes for a more efficient kitchen and lower power bill.

Improved Air Quality

Exhaust systems that go without a cleaning disrupt the kitchen airflow, preventing heat, odors and smoke from leaving. Not only does your power bill go up, but the number of employees calling out due to illness goes up, too. Being short staffed puts stress on the kitchen during increased traffic, and those numbers affect your numbers.

Without adequate ventilation, kitchen air pollutants spread and also affect the quality of the food and employee morale and health. Improved air quality with a thorough kitchen exhaust cleaning prevents these consequences.

A Long-Lasting Fan Motor

Replacing parts in the exhaust system also gets expensive, and you waste money by not properly maintaining it. Then, you ended up paying for a cleaning, new parts or a whole new system. Exhaust system cleaning keeps your fan motor running and reduces exhaust system maintenance by 30%.

Save More Money by Making Smart Choices Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Before and After Photos

Kitchen exhaust system cleaning reduces maintenance over time and saves you more money on your power bill. Combine that with the use of the right filter, and smart choices save you even more money to invest right back into your business.

Guardian Services exclusively offers WoolGuard Hood Filters because of their high quality and benefits to the customer. Testing within industrial kitchens and restaurants found that these wool filters lowered the need for cleanings by up to 75%, meaning that instead of four annual cleanings — you only need one. They also routinely pass the strictest of fire and safety regulations.

Contact us at Guardian Services to schedule your kitchen exhaust system cleaning today or implement WoolGuard Hood Filters, invite in the benefits and filter out unnecessary and costly expenses.


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