Brett Muller, CEO of Guardian Services, Talks Company Success with Eversprint

Eversprint is an online source for everything related to high value sales in all sorts of industries. It keeps an eye on promising and growing companies around the country. Some of the most outstanding companies and their owners are featured on the popular Eversprint podcast.

Recently, Eversprint featured Brett Muller, the CEO of Guardian Services, Dallas’ trusted name in industrial and kitchen exhaust cleaning. To begin, the host of the podcast, Malcom Lui, was interested in how Brett was able to grow Guardian Services’ revenue from $1.3 million in 2014 up to an impressive $3.1 million in 2017. Brett was happy to explain how he utilized a unique approach to the particular service industry to appeal to clients with larger industrial spaces and project needs than ever before. It enabled the company to latch onto bigger value jobs, prove their worth by completing those jobs efficiently, and retain the loyalty of those target clients.

He also spoke of the company’s success being attributed to referrals from past clients. Being able to deliver an exhaust cleaning service that is so good you want to tell your friends, family, colleagues, and even your professional rivals about is exactly what we strive to do, for each and every job.

Excitingly, Brett also discussed the new Guardian Services website. He is hopeful its clean organization and clear content messages will make it easier than ever for more clients to find his company and schedule a service.

A final driver of success he discussed with Malcolm was “taking responsibility.” While we strive for perfection at all times, realistically, mistakes do happen. We are proud to do everything we can to make things right if a client is ever dissatisfied or notices an issue after an exhaust cleaning service.

WoolGuard & Guardian Services Team Up to Dominate 2019

As Brett shared with Eversprint in the podcast, 2019 is looking to be an exciting year for Guardian Services thanks to our new partnership with WoolGuard. Anyone looking for a cost-effective and efficient grease guard for their exhaust system should be looking into WoolGuard. The filter is entirely biodegradable, fire-safe, and environmentally-friendly in disposal and production. Before grease can ever enter into the deeper reaches of an exhaust system, a WoolGuard filter traps about 98% of it. Brett anticipates the average Guardian Services client can save approximately 30% on cleaning, maintenance, and repair costs for their exhaust systems if they use WoolGuard filters.

Our partnership with WoolGuard and our promotion of their filter is indicative of Guardian Services as a whole. Malcolm actually noted that using WoolGuard could hurt revenue because it saves our clients money and reduces the frequency of necessary exhaust system cleanings. However, Brett was quick to point out that we are not about making a fast dollar — we are here to ensure our clients get the best possible service and equipment, no matter what. It is client satisfaction and loyalty that we know to be the most important driving factors of our business.

You can hear the entire Eversprint podcast featuring Brett Muller by clicking here. If you need an exhaust system cleaning for your restaurant, commercial space, or industrial location, please do not hesitate to contact Guardian Services in Dallas. We help clients all around greater North Texas. Call (214) 637-1520 today.

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