Professional Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

Cooling towers provide an ideal environment for the growth of many harmful organisms including Legionella bacteria. There can be an increase in growth of these harmful organisms when the cooling tower is not in use, especially during the winter season. That is why, according to The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), professional cleaning and maintenance of cooling towers is advised at least twice a year.

Our process at Guardian Service starts with a complete inspection of your cooling tower system in order to asses the best cleaning process for your system. We examine your system thoroughly before we start so as to ensure a proper diagnosis and cleaning of the cooling tower. This assessment includes the following areas:

Cooling Tower Fan Housing Cleanup and Maintenance

A fan housing should always be disinfected properly as only chemical treatment can prevent bacteria build up. Toxic vapors can form condensation, making it increasingly difficult to remove biological growth with traditional treatment.

Cooling Tower Basin Disinfection and Maintenance

Clean tower basins hold large quantities of cooling water. If untreated, the tempered water provides an ideal environment for bacteria growth. Cleanup, disinfection and proper chemical treatments are the only ways to maintain healthy water bacteria levels.

Cooling Tower Distribution Pan Cleanup

Debris in this area can block normal filtration, creating a holding pattern for water to manifest bacteria. Our thorough cleaning process opens the pan to remove and clean debris, treats unhealthy water, and creates a positive water flow. If your distribution pan is left untreated, your cooling tower will not properly cool water and you are likely to experience higher energy bills.

Once your cooling tower has been inspected and the cleaning treatment assessed, the technicians at Guardian Services use manual and hydraulic means to professional clean exterior and interior surfaces. We also provide customers with photographic documentation of services rendered for your reference. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you properly clean and maintain your cooling tower.

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