Top Questions to Ask Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Companies

Restaurant kitchens are a place that you’ll see large quantities of grease in the hoods and ducts. The National Fire Protection Association found that the majority of fires originate in kitchens from the oils that are present in the covers and other unseen areas, so it’s vital to get someone to tidy up your restaurant kitchen professionally.

Selecting top-tier cleaning providers is one of the most challenging parts for any establishment. It’s imperative that you understand what you need for great cleanings to prevent disasters and preserve the highest caliber of cuisine.

These are the most relevant topics to bring up when kitchen hood cleaning companies contact you:

Is the commercial kitchen hood cleaning accredited?

Most cleaning groups need to have recognized credentials such as experience, certifications, and proper training procedures towards employees. Probe each company about their NFPA – 96 guidelines to guarantee that an agency’s processes will give you the most productive maintenance that your kitchen demands.

Insurance coverage details

Failures can always occur with these sorts of projects. Ensure that you’ll have the right coverage to claim if substantial losses from an accident that ends up setting you back.Your restaurants may want to know about distinctive insurance policies such as workers comp., general liability or umbrella plans.

How do you prepare your teams?

This question will reveal a lot of background about the procedures the company follows to raise the employees to acceptable standards. It’s crucial to figure out the ways they choose the people for the tasks. Many commercial kitchen hood cleaning groups go over prior work experience before leasing the employee to the organization.

Do they have experience with bare metal cleaning standards?

Knowing all the fire hazards is what qualified cleaning companies possess. They bypass any risk of fire at all costs. Things like possible hazards, fire codes, and actions to take if something like that were to happen. Most will let you know, but if you have to verify that yourself make sure that they’ll offer extensive cleaning to your kitchen ventilation system and methods of prevention when dealing with bare metals.

Will this be a long-term contract?

Another factor to take into consideration to make sure you prevent getting subpar service is to find out if the same people will be helping out. They’ll hold a thorough understanding of the needs of your establishment over time.

Employee teamwork

Kitchen hood cleaning businesses urge their teams to help the client to the best of their ability by presenting incentives. Find out if the agency strives for quality results even if an employee fails to satisfy rather than abandoning the client with subpar assistance.

Service promises

Request more information from your provider on guarantees such as money back guarantees or satisfaction guarantees.

Extensive expertise in applying treatment plans

Do they know about ordinary kitchen purification conduct? Usually, this means assigning a head technician to answer to the restaurant managers about covering all the equipment, presenting pictures and knowing what kitchen ventilation appliances need attention.Don’t hesitate to ask general questions about kitchen procedures if you think that it’s needed.

Routines for all equipment and appliances

All kitchens are different, so it’s always relevant. This ensures that the supplies the cleaning service employs will be adequate with your restaurant. Additionally, be sure to ask the kitchen hood cleaning company about their safety and legal notices. After that, if you want particular agents to work with you, this is a good time to voice that instruction.

Chemicals used during washing

Hood sanitation firms apply supplies that are food safe. Don’t wait to inquire about which substances a hood service uses while scrubbing and if different options are available.

Hood cleaning company references

Look over each hood cleaning company’s references and testimonials to find out how their reputation and quality of work compares to other companies. It’ll give you the confidence to make the right decision.

Finished job reports

Remind your cleaning agency to give you details off all the work they completed and the things in most need of attention for the future in your kitchen.

Quality standards review

It is essential to know about the method that the cleaning company will follow. All of the best hood services will work with reports, apps, and software to transmit knowledge collected from janitorial reviews to a superior team to fix the problem right away.

If you are considering commercial kitchen hood cleaning, contact Guardian Services today and get a free survey.

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