Your Partner for Commercial Exhaust System Cleaning

When you start your own restaurant, the investment involves more than just money. Your business space can prove to be a pot of gold for you and your employees if it is operated and maintained well. As the owner, it’s in your best interests to ensure the health and safety of your employees as well as the well-being of the guests who come to dine at the eatery.

Why Opt for a Thorough Exhaust System Cleaning?

The kitchen area must be well-ventilated to ensure good indoor air quality. A good exhaust system cleaning ensures that the contaminants in the ductwork are removed from the system before they can cause a fire hazard. This also insures that the system will operate a maximum efficiency, saving money on electricity.

The kitchen air space has a lot of grease particles. They enter the kitchen hood and pass through the filters into the air ducts that lead them into the exhaust fan which is placed outside. Grease may ignite even with an insignificant spark from the cooking equipment. A grease fire could spread within seconds throughout the attic and onto the roof and adjoining areas; such an accident could cause the loss of life and property.

Guardian Services offers extensive exhaust system cleaning services to ensure that your commercial kitchen is up and running in accordance with the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) 96 Fire Code. Whether it is commercial duct cleaning, vent hood cleaning or the clean-up of the exhaust fan, we inspect, clean and maintain the complete exhaust system.

It is also important for you to be alert for cleaners who just service the visible areas and offer sub-standard services. At Guardian services, we clean the vent hood, the air duct system, fan, and the roof as well. Our team takes images of the site pre and post cleaning. These photographs are archived with us and are available upon request.

What Differentiates Guardian Services from Others?

  • Winner of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) Annual Safety Award for the past 5 years in a row
  • Prompt service, round-the-clock emergency response
  • High-quality, guaranteed services
  • Services offered in accordance with local municipal regulations
  • Photo-documentation of the site before and after the cleaning service is complete
  • After each clean-up, every component of the exhaust system is checked for performance
  • Safe and industry-prescribed cleaning processes followed
  • Courteous technicians who offer exemplary customer service

The next time you are looking for professional cleaners, trust Guardian Services for the inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of the exhaust system in your commercial kitchen. With our exceptional service delivery and support, we assure you complete peace of mind along with a healthy and clean kitchen area.

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