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Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Exhaust Hood Cleaning, A Must for Restaurant Owners

For a restaurant owner, it is absolutely essential to maintain the equipment and tools necessary to run the business. One such piece of equipment that holds a very important role in the smooth functioning of the restaurant kitchen is the kitchen exhaust system and hood. A lack of proper functioning in this system can lead to the contamination of food and an unsafe kitchen area. A few risks related to an ill-maintained exhaust and kitchen hoods are smoke damage, explosions, and grease fires. Regular upkeep of this kitchen equipment is essential for protecting the restaurant facility and the employees.

The primary function of the exhaust hood is to pull smoke, odor, and heat away from the kitchen. However, with prolonged use, these appliances may not function optimally due to the accumulation of contaminants. Unless cleaned regularly, they may even become a safety hazard. One of the prominent reasons for mishaps like fires in a kitchen is the build-up of grease in the kitchen ducts and hood system. Proper cleaning and maintenance is one effective way to drastically lower this risk in a restaurant. Even the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) mandates exhaust hood cleaning by professionals for commercial kitchens. If the requirements are not met, apart from the fire risk, there are chances that the owner would have to bear heavy fines or notice for a shutdown.

NFPA reports that more than 11,000 kitchen fires take place every year. A well-maintained restaurant and its equipment is a must for the kitchen. The frequency of the cleaning services may depend on the volume of cooking done in the kitchen and it ranges from monthly, quarterly to semi-annually to annually. Though the kitchen staff cleans the exteriors of the kitchen on a daily basis, cleaning of the appliances like kitchen exhaust requires expert professionals who specialize in cleaning and maintenance.

A professional service provider starts work by inspecting and cleaning various areas in the kitchen. The scope of work for a kitchen cleaning specialist may include ensuring a safe working environment, compliance with the fire codes and improving the overall air quality in the kitchen. For this, a professional may closely work on stoves, grease traps, open grills, deep fryers, stoves and ventilation systems.

An established and certified professional service from Guardian Services can guide restaurant owners to ensure the safety of the kitchen. Since prevention is better than cure, calling our professionals on time for an extensive inspection and cleaning can not only save you costs in the long run but can also make the kitchen environment safe and welcoming.