3 Reasons to Regularly Clean the Grease Trap in Your Kitchen

Regular cleaning is crucial for the health and safety of employees, customers, and guests when running a restaurant or any other commercial kitchen facility. At Guardian Services, we provide quality maintenance services for commercial kitchen systems using the proven processes we have perfected since 1945. We’ll address three compelling reasons to schedule regular grease trap cleaning services in your commercial kitchen.

Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning

1. Foul Odors in Your Restaurant 

If there’s one that will ensure your customers won’t return to your restaurant, it’s foul odors wafting through the dining room while they try to enjoy their meals. The smell of old food waste escaping through your restaurant is a risk you will take if you don’t clean your grease trap often enough to properly dispose of the oil, fat, and grease.

2. Sewage Backup in the Pipes

The accumulation of grease in your grease trap can result in a plumbing disaster. When the grease solidifies over time, it will form blockages in your pipes that will cause sewage backups, obstructing the flow of wastewater. This will disrupt your kitchen and leave you with costly repairs. Cleaning this equipment regularly is the best way to ensure its full lifespan.

3. Risk of a Restaurant Fire

The ultimate safety risk of a contaminated grease trap is the danger of a fire. Leaving grease, food waste, and other residue in the trap for too long can pose a serious safety risk for your employees and customers. That’s why it is imperative to service your equipment consistently. Guardian Services partners with TAS Environmental Services for complete grease trap pumping and cleaning, leaving you with pristine results.

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You can trust the experts at Guardian Services to keep your commercial kitchen facility safe and clean. In addition to grease trap cleaning, we provide kitchen cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning, and much more. Contact us today at (214) 637-1520 to request a quote. We serve Dallas, Fort Worth, and nearby areas, including Addison, Arlington, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, University Park, Southlake, McKinney, Grapevine, Richardson, Rockwall, and Denton.

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