What Could Happen if You Neglect Commercial Air Duct Cleaning?

If you maintain a commercial facility, you probably add tasks to your to-do list faster than you can manage to cross them off. Some maintenance items may stay at the forefront of your mind since you can tangibly see the results, but don’t neglect the equally important responsibility of cleaning your air ducts. Guardian Services specializes in improving indoor air quality and HVAC system performance with our commercial HVAC duct and systems cleaning. Let us help you avoid the following issues with this service.

Commercial HVAC Duct & System Cleaning

Health Problems From Contaminants 

When you fail to clean your air ducts, you risk contaminating the air that you breathe. HVAC systems can distribute indoor pollutants, becoming the perfect breeding ground for contaminants like dust mites, mold, MRSA, E. coli, and Salmonella. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollutant levels can be 10 to 100 times higher than outdoor concentrations. Cleaning your system will remove contaminants before they enter the air you breathe and help prevent any resulting respiratory issues and allergies.

Reduced HVAC System Efficiency 

When your air ducts are full of debris and contaminants, your HVAC system has to work harder to cycle air through your facility. Basically, dirty air ducts can reduce the efficiency of your system. A clean HVAC system will perform at a greater level of efficiency and will require less energy to function properly. This will result in an improved environmental comfort level, extended equipment lifespan, and lower utility costs. Commercial properties can’t afford to operate with an HVAC system with hindered performance.

Request a Quote Today for Cleaning

Guardian Services can provide a photo-documented inspection of your system at no cost to determine whether your system needs to be cleaned. We follow a guide and checklist established by The National Air Duct Cleaning Association and their prescribed cleaning techniques. Contact us today at (214) 637-1520 to request a quote for commercial air duct and system cleaning. We serve Dallas, Fort Worth, and nearby areas, including Addison, Arlington, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, University Park, Southlake, McKinney, Grapevine, Richardson, Rockwall, and Denton.

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