A Sparkling Kitchen Exhaust Hood System for the New Year

A sparkling kitchen is every chef’s dream and every customer’s wish. The key to a successful restaurant business is maintaining a clean kitchen. However, without a clean exhaust hood, will the kitchen be considered completely clean? The answer is, “no”.

You’ll be amazed to know that many people get affected each day due to contaminated food. There are 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths a year in the United States owing to the consumption of contaminated food. Some of the main causes of such incidents are the breeding of bacteria such as Salmonella and Listeria, both of which can lead to dangerous diseases.

In fact, such foodborne illnesses can turn fatal. Bacteria such as E-Coli can lead to an upset stomach, followed by dehydration and in certain cases even blood-stained stools. By ensuring safe and hygienic food preparation and consumption practices, such a situation can be kept under control. This is the main reason why restaurant exhaust hood cleaning is so important.

Steps for Cleaning a Kitchen Exhaust

All the parts of a kitchen exhaust must be dismantled carefully, including the grease receptacles. After that, clean the grease from the receptacle and then soak it in hot water and a grease cutting detergent for a while. Be sure to allow it to dry properly.

  • Scrub the exteriors and interiors of the hood carefully
  • Start the cleaning process by covering the entire work area with new and clean plastic. After that, place a funnel and plastic under the kitchen hood that helps in removing grease from the system. Therefore it will not go into the drain.
  • Next, the filters are cleaned thoroughly with hot water and detergent. Soak it for some time and scrub for a few minutes. If you own a dishwasher, use it to clean the filter. Dry it.
  • Apply a degreasing component on the hood as it will break down the grease. Sponge it or wipe it with a nylon cloth. Though most of it will look clean, there will be certain spots that remain, but after generous rubbing, the spots should fade. Avoid causing scratches.
  • Rinse the surface after cleaning and remove all the chemical agents before leaving

Listed above were some basic points for cleaning the kitchen hood in a restaurant. However, we at Guardian Services provide an elaborate cleaning service that takes care of the smallest details. A sparkling clean and healthy kitchen exhaust hood can be a reality in your restaurant kitchen. No reason to worry, just leave the cleaning to us! Contact us today to avail a one of a kind experience.

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