Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Dallas: Restaurant Owners, Are You Hearing This?

In commercial kitchens, the exhaust hood system plays a vital role in keeping a restaurant free of heat, smoke, and odor. Kitchen hood ventilation systems exist for the security and health of both employees and guests. However, grease accumulation in the hood and ductwork can prove to be challenging due to the risk that it could bring. Not to scare you, but grease and grime can lead to fire or food contamination.

Many business owners and managers know firsthand the consequences of not keeping your exhaust system and ductwork clean. At Guardian Services, we recommend regular ongoing cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen vent a hood system. The frequency of the hood cleaning varies based on your system. Generally speaking, there is monthly, quarterly and semi-annual and annual cleaning.

  • Monthly – If your exhaust system is used for solid fuel cooking
  • Quarterly – If your exhaust system is used in a high-volume or intensity operation like a 24-hour restaurant or charbroiling
  • Semi-annually – If your exhaust systems are used for moderate or infrequent cooking
  • Annually – If your exhaust systems are used for low-volume cooking operations such as camps or church kitchens

If you need professional hood cleaning in Dallas, then the professionals at Guardian Services are here to assist you. Here are just a few of the reasons we can guarantee the highest quality professional cleaning services in Dallas:

  • We are the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) Annual Safety Award Winner for the last 5 years
  • Our services have received multiple accolades for customer satisfaction
  • We deliver around-the-clock emergency response services
  • Our services are based on best practices and ethics established by local municipal regulations
  • We provide before and after photo documentation of the site
  • After the entire cleaning process is complete, we inspect your exhaust system
  • We conduct a thorough on-site survey before we recommend a solution or provide you with any cost estimates
  • Exceptional customer service from start to finish

Our process starts with a thorough onsite evaluation of your system and then prescribes the best cleaning service and frequency of cleaning needed to maintain your business and void costly fire and safety hazards. Contact us today for your free survey evaluation of your exhaust hood cleaning in Dallas.

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