How Do I Know If My Kitchen Extract System Needs Cleaning?

If you use your kitchen regularly, either at home or for work, you should know how your extract system works. An ve or cooking area in the kitchen. The extractor hood removes airborne grease, fumes, smoke, strong odors, heat, and steam through evacuation and filtration of the air.

Professional Extractor Hood Cleaning

You can only do so much cleaning in order to maintain your extractor hood for daily use. In catering and hospitality settings, kitchen staff will be cleaning the kitchen hood on a regular basis (usually daily), but the larger the extractor hood, the higher the chance that it will need to be cleaned by professionals. This will involve an in-depth clean and extra ductwork care.

Of course, the level and requirements surrounding extractor hood cleaning all come down to how many hours it’s used a day and the level of use within these hours. However, with this in mind, all kitchen extract systems do require cleaning at least once a year. Sometimes it should be cleaned more often due to the continuous use. Especially for fast food establishments, grease-contaminated extract systems may require a more frequent deep clean to remove any risk of fires or long-term damage.

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