Maintaining a Healthy and Safe Commercial Kitchen

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and been hit by an awful odor? This situation may indicate that the kitchen exhaust system is in serious need of professional cleaning. Furthermore, the restaurant may be at high risk of fire and is not safe for the workers as well as guests.

Kitchen ventilation systems play an important role in removing heat, odors, and grease from the kitchen area. The ventilation system of a kitchen consists of four main components which are – a canopy above the cooking equipment, filters, ductwork, and the exhaust fan. The components work together to extract the polluted air from the busy kitchen and allow fresh air to replace it.

Select the Right Commercial Hood

Selecting the right commercial hood plays an important role in the success of a restaurant. One of the major mistakes that most of us commit is by opting for the wrong kitchen hood system. The right kitchen hood system reduces smoke, odors, heat and grease buildup. Kitchen staff and customers are exposed to a foul smell, fire risk and could lead to workplace standard violations which ultimately result in fines if there is no proper hood system.

There are different types of hoods available for different restaurants. A small restaurant that serves sandwiches and coffee surely does not need a similar type of hood that a dinner service restaurant will need. There are two types of commercial hood systems: Type1 and Type 2. A Type 2 kitchen hood is perfect for restaurants that produce little to no grease. This type of hood is essential for capturing moisture, heat, smoke, and odors.

The Type1 hood is perfect for full-service restaurants that use equipment which produces a significant amount of grease. Restaurants also have the option of choosing a vented or vent-less hood system. Medium, as well as large kitchens, need a vented hood system. Smaller kitchens can opt for a vent-less kitchen hood. Ventless hoods clean and recirculate the air back to the kitchen. Vented hoods are useful for drawing away the air, odor, and steam from the kitchen through the ductwork. Do not try to save money by opting for the wrong commercial hood. Select a kitchen hood that will meet the specific needs of your kitchen and keep it safe.

Contact Guardian Services today with your questions about ventilation cleaning and maintenance. We provide professional duct, exhaust and kitchen hood cleaning services. We’ll work with you to address these issues so they don’t become a health or safety concern for your business.

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