Regular Maintenance for Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower
Your home’s cooling tower is at the heart of the mechanical system. In order for a cooling tower to run successfully, it requires routine maintenance. Otherwise, you may run into expensive problems down the line. The following tips will ensure your cooling tower is in ship-shape condition all year round.

Routine Water Treatment

Thorough monthly water treatments are essential for your cooling tower to run effectively. If the water quality is low due to neglect, it can create issues within the entire system. This can result in scaling and sludge in the condensers and pipes. If you want to enlist the help of professionals who have expertise in the water treatment of a cooling tower, Guardian Services can help.

Maintain the Motor

If not maintained properly, the motor within your cooling tower can break down, causing the entire system to fail. Cooling tower motors are extremely heavy, which means that getting a new one to the cooling tower can be a difficult task. In order to maintain the motor, you should have a professional complete the following frequently:

  • Inspects and cleans starter coils
  • Tightens all connections including electrical
  • Measures operating current and voltages, ensuring they aren’t exceeding the recommended guidelines
  • Checks for worn-out bearings and fan blades that are out of balance
  • Lubricates bearings when required

Additionally, the fan within the cooling tower must be checked regularly. A professional will check blades and clean any dirt accumulation as well as lubricate the bearings and check for wear and tear.

Speak to Guardian Services

If you are concerned that your cooling tower has a problem you cannot fix, simply pick up the phone and get in touch with us here at Guardian Services. Dial (214) 637-1520 to speak to an expertly trained professional today.

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