The Surprising ROI Using WoolGuard Filters

Traditional kitchen grease filters allow grease to enter into the hood, raising environmental, safety and financial concerns. The typical honeycomb design only captures up to 40 percent of grease, and then, you have to pay someone to come to clean the hood.

Doesn’t sound like a very efficient or safe system, does it? But you take what you can get and make the most of it — right?

Make life easier on yourself, your employees, budget and the environment. Invest in disposable WoolGuard filters to capture up to 98 percent of kitchen grease and cut out the hassle and safety risk. Consider the surprising ROI of using WoolGuard Filters.

A Greener Clean

Want to decrease your environmental footprint? WoolGuard Filters are 100 percent biodegradable as an organic textile that completely breaks down within one to five years. Synthetic textiles can take decades to hundreds of years to decompose.

The frames remain clean, and you don’t need to use chemicals or water on them, further reducing your impact.

Increased Fire Safety Profile

Grease fires threaten restaurants and homes every year. You know to cover the pan rather than pick it up and risk spreading the fire, but what about grease that enters the exhaust system? As grease builds up, it increases the risk of fires.

However, disposable kitchen grease filters can capture 98 percent of the grease before it ever enters the exhaust system. Air passes through the wool filter, but the grease gets trapped. WoolGuard Filters increase your fire safety profile.

Reduced Labor and Increased Savings

Reduce your labor in addition to decreasing your environmental impact and fire risk when you invest in wool filters. The in-house team doesn’t have to battle baffle filters every day or each week because WoolGuard Filters reduce hood cleanings by 75 percent. Save a total annual cost of up to 30 percent. You also save money on the water bill.

Your entire system runs at its intended efficiency. The rooftop fans, hood, HVAC, exhaust system and additional equipment run with increased efficiency.

You save on system maintenance and repair costs because the grease drastically decreases in accumulation. All you have to do is replace the filter. Say goodbye to the hassle of HVAC unit cleaning and hello to reduced inspection cost. When the ribs on the filter darken and disappear, you know it’s time for a quick change.

It’s easy to schedule a filter change when you outline your grease consumption. Base how often you change the filter on the appliances you use and how often you cook. Our technicians help you judge all of this and provide you with a handy reference guide.

We Will Offer Financing in 2019

A greener kitchen, less hassle cleaning and reduced costs all around check all the boxes of a good investment. However, you’re probably worried about the up-front costs.

Beginning in 2019, we at Guardian Services will offer financing for the initial Filter and Frame order for either 12 or 24 months. You can take advantage of all the benefits of WoolGuard Hood Filters without any major up-front costs.

No one likes to wake up early or stay late for grease cleaning. All you have to do is remove the dirty filter, separating the filter components and removing the frame cover. You trash the old, biodegradable wool filter and replace it with a new, clean one. Re-install the filter cover, and place it back into the vent hood system. Done!

Reduce your environmental footprint and labor costs while increasing your savings and gaining more time to spend on more important matters. The ROI of making the switch to WoolGuard filters is surprising and worth the investment.

Contact us at Guardian Services to learn all about the ROI of WoolGuard Filters and try out the benefits for yourself. Call us today at (214) 637-1520.

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