Avoid Health Issues Caused by Your Commercial Cooling Tower

Cooling towers require regular cleaning and proper maintenance in order to do their job well. After all, they play a crucial role in the air conditioning and industrial process systems at countless facilities. Guardian Services offers a full-scale method of cooling tower cleaning that will remove everything which can lead to bacterial growth and potentially serious health issues. We’ll review our cooling tower cleaning process and why it is necessary for you.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Why Do They Need to Be Cleaned?

Cooling towers are efficient and provide a cost-effective way to cool water for air conditioning and industrial processes. Located outdoors, they use a fan to move air through a recirculating water system. Due to the process and the constant exposure to the outside elements, these towers can amass a buildup of scale, sediment, and biological contaminants. This buildup can lead to system degradation, loss of efficiency, and potentially serious health issues. 

How Often Should You Clean Them?

You can help reduce these issues by regularly maintaining the tower and chemically treating the system’s water supply. Still, you will need a full system cleaning to remove contaminant buildup and ensure efficient operation. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), towers should be drained and fully cleaned quarterly or at least twice yearly. If the cooling tower is not used year-round, it should be cleaned before the initial start-up at the beginning of the cooling season and after shut-down in the fall.

Do Other Circumstances Warrant Cleaning?

If your tower shows high levels of biological growth, it should be cleaned immediately. Likewise, towers that have been out of service for long periods of time should be cleaned before they are put back into service. OSHA recommends that new systems be cleaned and disinfected to remove construction residue, which can contribute to biological growth. We can provide a free inspection with photo documentation and help you determine whether your cooling tower could benefit from cleaning.

The Guardian Tower Cleaning Process

Our professional cleaning process begins with a full system inspection to determine the specifics of the cooling tower, identify any issues or damaged areas, and develop a cleaning plan of action. The cleaning of your tower will start with completely draining the system and then cleaning the interior and exterior surfaces by manual and hydraulic means. We will clean the cooling tower structure, casing, fans, pumps, piping, spray nozzles, fill, and louvers, as well as any other surfaces that show contaminant build-up. Rest assured that any contaminants and debris collected will be removed from the tower for safe, offsite disposal.

Schedule Your Cooling Tower Cleaning 

The highly-trained technicians at Guardian Services provide exceptional cleaning and maintenance services for critical systems within your facility and grounds. Contact us today at (214) 637-1520 to request a quote for your cooling tower cleaning, HVAC duct & system cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, and more. We serve Dallas and the surrounding areas.

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