How to Ensure the Safety and High Standards of Your Kitchen

Guardian Services offers only the highest quality kitchen deep cleaning services. With years of experience, we understand the importance of meeting the legal compliances of commercial kitchen hygiene & safety. Our trained specialists make sure that your walls, floors, light, ceilings and all kitchen equipment are thoroughly cleaned. Our cleaning services extend the life of your valuable kitchen equipment; making the entire cooking area safe as well.

Our Kitchen Services Include:

  • Cooking Equipment– Our technicians remove the equipment manually. After we clean all equipment, we set equipment back up again in working order.
  • Kitchen Extraction Units- The structure of the canopy is degreased from the inside and outside.
  • High-Level Cleaning- Our experts clean lights, ceilings, floor, walls, and all kitchen equipment thoroughly.

Our kitchen cleaning service teams use specialized chemicals in order to remove dirt, germs, and grease, which accumulate below the surfaces of commercial kitchens. We prevent bacteria and germs from spreading in your kitchen.

Adhering to kitchen cleaning compliances, we provide our clients with full information about the cleaning specification checklist, our cleaning process, risk assessment and how to take safety measures.

Remember: routine professional cleaning is recommended for the hygiene, safety, and care of your kitchen equipment. Schedule your Free Survey evaluation today.

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