Is Your Commercial Kitchen Overdue for Professional Cleaning?

Running a commercial-grade kitchen as a restaurant owner or kitchen manager is a demanding job. Your staff will likely provide the necessary cleaning to get by, but not the deep, sanitizing type of cleaning you ultimately need. That’s where Guardian Services can help, as we provide all of the professional commercial kitchen cleaning services that will get your kitchen as clean as it needs to be. Let us go over the ways that we can help you take care of your kitchen so you can focus on other things like managing your staff. 

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Deep Cleaning 

There’s a difference between cleaning up messes that are made each day and deep cleaning that will disinfect your kitchen. When this type of deep cleaning is consistently put off, it can quickly become a fire hazard or a breeding ground for sanitary issues. You likely don’t have the time or the proper tools to accomplish this thorough of cleaning, but fortunately, we have the expertise to step in and help. After all, you have enough on your plate and shouldn’t have to worry about health code violations.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning 

In addition to deep cleaning your commercial kitchen, Guardian Services can also provide professional cleaning of your restaurant equipment. We can thoroughly clean and sanitize ranges, ovens, cooktops, kitchen hoods, charbroilers and grills, warming and holding equipment, baking equipment, refrigerators and freezers, and much more. Our services help kitchen managers avoid the decrease in productivity caused by equipment that hasn’t been properly cleaned. 

Equipment Cleaning Process

Our certified technicians use innovative equipment along with a custom blend of proprietary cleaning products to deep clean your kitchen. Your kitchen will be steam-cleaned as we get into those unreachable areas that traditional restaurant equipment cleaning methods can’t touch. We will remove years of layered grease to restore your kitchen and equipment back to a like-new condition. Your stainless steel countertops and walls will be cleaned and sanitized to perfection. 

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Guardian Services is one of the only companies in the area that is able to clean commercial kitchen equipment. Besides making your kitchen shine, we provide professional HVAC cleaning services, floor cleaning and maintenance, and other invaluable services. Contact us today at (214) 637-1520 to request a quote for your commercial kitchen cleaning. We serve Dallas, Fort Worth, and nearby areas, including Addison, Arlington, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, University Park, Southlake, McKinney, Grapevine, Richardson, Rockwall, and Denton.

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