Reduce Fire Hazards with Regular Exhaust System Cleaning

Who wouldn’t feel proud to read good reviews about their restaurant? A restaurant is a place where people meet for a family get-together, a formal meeting or to catch up with their friends. A combination of good food and the perfect ambiance can make these meetings memorable for years to come. Apart from serving good food, providing a clean and comfortable environment plays an important role in the success of your restaurant.

Exhaust systems play an important role in keeping your restaurant clean and safe. They help keep away all the grease, smoke, unwanted odor and moisture that is produced while cooking. As a restaurant owner, one of the most important factors that you need to remember is to opt for a regular exhaust system cleaning service.

Importance of Exhaust Cleaning

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a majority of restaurant fires originate from kitchen appliances that spread into the kitchen exhaust system. It has been estimated that 54% of restaurant fires start from the exhaust system. This data indicates that it’s important to ensure that such systems are properly cleaned by well-trained and certified professionals.

A poorly maintained kitchen exhaust system results in fires, burn injuries and other serious incidents every year. As a restaurant owner, you must ensure that the exhaust system is cleaned regularly and thoroughly. It is advisable to opt for commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning at least once every six months so as to prevent any disasters. However, the frequency could vary as per the kitchen size, cooking procedures followed and frequency of cooking done.

Increase Efficiency with Exhaust Cleaning

The ventilation system of a kitchen consists of canopy, filters, ductwork, exhaust fan and has provisions for providing adequate fresh air. A proper kitchen exhaust system helps in maintaining airflow in the cooking area. If the exhaust systems are not properly maintained, the smoke and odor can leak into the dining area; this will create an unpleasant dining experience for patrons. Regular cleaning and maintenance will also help you save on energy bills. A dirty kitchen hood or exhaust system will cause the air conditioner to work harder to properly circulate the air. Increase the life of your exhaust system by opting for regular kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

Professional Exhaust System Cleaning

Most restaurants opt for professional kitchen exhaust system cleaning. Guardian Services uses industry standard techniques for cleaning the exhaust systems. We provide impeccable cleaning of the exhaust hood, ductwork, and exhaust fans. The technicians at Guardian Services use a chemical degreaser, power washing and scrubbing that helps in removing grease build up from the hood, duct, and fan of the exhaust system.

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